Testimonial from Kris Edney

I don’t normally even consider buying cars from a dealer as being a car enthusiast I can’t stand the lack of care and attention that goes into some of their cars on the forecourt, that and the constant sales pitch is enough to put me off. The service I got from Fiona and Mark at Reyland’s from the first minute of arrival was the complete polar opposite to the above. I went to view a 2007 Civic Type R and upon arrival it was clear that the car was just as stunning (if not better) than the pictures had showed. Instantly I could see they care about what they sell, the exterior and interior had been valeted to a high standard and the wheels had clearly been fully refurbished as they were like new! Even as part of the service they gave the car an interim service and replaced the battery just due to “it running at just above 50% efficiency which was more than enough to turn over the engine but it being winter and cold we thought we’d replace it for you so its one less worry” – that’s the kind of customer service that makes the difference! I can’t recommend this couple highly enough, they made the whole process an absolute pleasure. So if you are considering buying a car from them – do it! You won’t be disappointed.